Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool was closed on Thursday 13 December 2013 without any 
advance notice.

The Club was advised verbally on Wednesday evening 12 December 2013 and 
has received no formal communication from Dunlaoghire Rathdown County 
Council on the reasons for closure. 

Please see below an extract taken from the Council's Website.

Closure of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool for Public Safety Reasons 13/12/13
Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, as owners of Glenalbyn Swimming
pool regrets to advise that it has instructed DLR Leisure Services Ltd.,
operators of the facility to close the pool with immediate effect for
public safety reasons.

This decision has been taken following the receipt of a report from
Consulting Structural Engineers Horgan Lynch and a recommendation from the
Council's own Capital Projects Engineering Team. The Report detailed
significant structural defects with the pool's roof, which represent a
potentially serious safety risk for users of the facility and staff at the

The Council will now examine the report in detail and consider its
implications along with all available advice in relation to the facility.
In the meantime and until further notice, the pool will remain closed.

The Council regrets the need to close the pool which is unavoidable. DLR
Leisure Services is contacting the various user groups and customers who
currently utilise the facility to advise them of the closure. Further
details, when available will be posted on the Council's website and DLR Leisure Services at

Glenalbyn Swimming Club

Glenalbyn Swimming Club Home Page - Click Here

Although Glenalbyn swimming pool is closed, the Glenalbyn Swim Club is 
still very much operational and open for business and would be delighted
to hear from anyone interested in joining the swim team.
Any interested parties can check for contact details/information on the 
Glenalbyn Swimming Club Home Page.


Glenalbyn Masters Swimming Club

Glenalbyn Masters Swimming Club Home Page - Click Here

Although Glenalbyn swimming pool is closed, Glenalbyn Masters Swimming
Club is still very much in operation. The Club is for people aged 19 and
upwards and caters for a range of swimming abilities. Anyone interested
in finding out more can check out the website or
contact the Club at